2011 Chevrolet Spark launching date

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I have a question about Chevrolet cars. I have been very much fond and brand loyal of the Chevrolet. I love to collect information and keep myself up to date about the Chevrolet vehicles. For this reason, I would like the know the 2011 Chevrolet Spark  launching date in order to confirm that when will the next model of Chevrolet Spark will be on road.

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  1. Guest9510

    2011 Chevrolet Spark release date happens to be somewhere in late 2010. Considering the rise in gas prices and more people anxious about the environment and global warming, Chevrolet has been working on a small vehicle that could bring excellent gas mileage and will serve as an excellent traveler car for many families. It is miniscule like the Smart ForTwo car, but has four doors and will seat up to five people. The 2011 Chevrolet Spark is very spacious on the inside. There are five complete seats. All of them have 3-point seat belts. Spark is outfitted with details that make a difference. Whether it is the ticket holder in sun visor or a multi-box under the dashboard, three cup holders or a out of sight, tray under the practical seat, Spark is practically smart to fulfill the requirement of the contemporary urban fashion. Equally admired in more than 70 countries, the Spark matches its dynamic design with an impressive interior and intelligent packaging never seen before.  Curved shapes and the symmetrical centre console give the interior stylish look Durable materials with a choice of modern colors used all over.

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