Amazing Personality test in 1 min

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Please tell me if there is a quick way of judging yours or some1z personality .. anything interesting plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Guest53
    Here is an easy way of judging your personality in just 1 minute:

    Step 1: Think about your 3 favorite animals by order of importance. E.g.:

    1) Dolphin
    2) Cat
    3) Dog


    Now this is how you calculate the characteristics of your personality:

    Think about all the characteristics of the mentioned animals. E.g. Dog = loyal, furious if provoked etc, Cat= Loving, clever etc, Dolphin= social, intelligent, friendly etc.

    The 3rd option that you selected means that this how you think you are, the 2nd option means that this what you think that people think of you as and the 1st option means how you actually are!

    This is a great test which is scientifically proven and is taught to psychology students on a degree level. It’s a quick fun game which you can ask your friends and quickly asses their personality and surprise them with your answers. So next time you meet someone make sure you know what you need to ask ;) - by Jibran Khan

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