Best online mobile shops present in major cities of Pakistan

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Hello, my younger brother wants to buy a new mobile, he wants to know about online mobile shops located in major cities of Pakistan, actually he wants to get a brief idea about mobiles features and specification, please tell him about the renown online mobile shops, thanks.

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     In Pakistan different online companies are providing mobiles and the prices of mobiles are updated regularly from the local markets in Pakistan. In Pakistan mobiles are available with different prices like Samsung s8500 wave is available with perfect quality and its price is 29, 00. Samsung has fabulous feature, for instances Bluetooth, download and many others feature. In Pakistan nokia E5 is also available but only in major cities; and its price is 21,300. Nokia C3 mobile is one of popular mobile and it has great deal of facilities and it is available in just 12,500 rupees. Karachi is a big city in which different types of mobile are available like Nokia X2.. Samsung C3303K champ is available in and it has several great features. In Pakistan’s economy mobile industry plays an important role. Few famous sites and shops who are giving online option for placing your order are mention below:




    • Advance Communication: this is located at shop no 56, S.R.T.C Complex, Hyderabad. You can place your order online.

    • Advance Telecom: this mobile shop is present in Chandni Shopping Mall, Opposite Soghat Shireen.

    • Ahmed Communication: It is present at shop no 12, Fazal-e-Rabbi Heights, Fatima Jinnah Road, Cantt: Hyderabad.

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