Best ways to send SMS messages with Skype

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What is the best ways to send SMS messages with Skype please help me with complete answer?

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     Skype is possibly best-known for its calling function; it permits you to location calls to telephones through your computer, as well as obtains telephone calls on your computer with a paid subscription. Additionally, Skype permits you call other Skype users for free or brief converse with them by text online. If no one of those matches your connection desires at the instant, use Skype to drive an SMS note to a friend's mobile telephone instead. As of March 2011, the rates for text notes variety from roughly 5 cents to roughly 22 cents, with household notes costing $0.112.

    • Open Skype and bang "Contacts" > "Add a Contact." Enter your contact's mobile telephone number and title into the befitting areas, along with her e-mail address and Skype title if you wish. Click the green "Add" button to add this individual as a Skype contact.

    • Click on your contact's title where it seems in Skype's left panel. At the base of the major piece of Skype's computer display, you should glimpse a text area with the phrases "Type a note to (name) here." Fill in your contact's name.

    • Type your yearned SMS note into the area you established at the base of Skype's screen. Click the grey "Send SMS" button to the right of this area when you are prepared to drive your note to your contact's cell phone.

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