Can I check in baggage if I use the online check-in service on Lufthansa ?

by Guest3634  |  9 years, 2 month(s) ago

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I want to travel with baggage from Lufthansa. Can someone tell me can I check-in with baggage from Lufthansa?

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  1. Guest765
    Yes, after you have checked in online you can check your baggage in easily and conveniently at the Lufthansa Quick Check-in baggage drop-off counter. If you are checking in your baggage at a conventional check-in counter, however, please let the Lufthansa employee there know that you have already checked in online.
    If Lufthansa does not offer the facility for printing out your own boarding pass on the route you are flying, you can still check in online, collect your boarding pass from a Lufthansa check-in machine at the airport and then check in your baggage as described above. If there is no check-in machine available, you can of course collect your boarding pass and check in your bags at a Lufthansa check-in counter.

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