Can You Develop Cat Allergies

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I am a 38 year old woman i had a cat in the home my entire life, Last week I started having the feeling of "scratchiness" in my throat. Can anyone Develop Cat Allergies?

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     Even if your pet cuddled up with you every night while you were growing up, you might still develop allergies as an adult. However, you shouldn't start thinking about finding a new home for your pet cat just yet. Many helpful allergy remedies exist. Mild Symptoms

    If you start sneezing, or find yourself covered with hives or suffering from itchy eyes and/or nose after spending time with a cat, you may suffer from cat allergies.

    Extreme Symptoms

    In extreme cases, your throat may itch or swell. You may also have trouble breathing because cat allergies often trigger asthma. If it swells or affects your breathing, visit your doctor or emergency room immediately.

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