Difference between Lexus GS 400 and GS 430.

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I read about the Lexus GS 400 model and variant of the car, it had some good overall features and specifications, what are the changes in the new GS430 model?

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    Lexus proved that it can build a very competent midsize sport/luxury sedan when it introduced the luxurious GS 300/400 in the year 98 and we were quite impressed to grant the aggressively styled, feature-packed GSs with Import Car of the Year award. But everyone else's technology in this hotly contested market segment has only gotten better. So for the year 01, Toyota's upscale division has injected the Lexus GS 400 model with more cubic centimeters that raised the displacement to 4.3L; the interior also enjoys some high-tech options. The result of all these changes is more performance, more luxury and zero drawbacks.

    The Lexus 4.0L V-8 had a strong yet silken powerplant, smoothly spinning out almost 300 hp and producing 310 lb-ft of torque. The new 4.3's horsepower rating is same at 300, but the torque has increased to 325 ULEV at the 3400 rpm. The additional grunt is easily noticed when flooring the accelerator at 40 mph. The electronically controlled five-speed transmission kicks down immediately, the tail squats slightly, and you had to sure that the vehicle is pointed in the right direction. Hit the brake pedal and be sure that no one is tailgating you. The GS 430 goes from 60 to parked in an amazing 108 ft, it is just a handful of feet more than a Corvette Z06.

    The Lexus GS 430 still has a lot what it takes to play against the BMW 540i, M-B E430, and all of the rest.


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