Disable windows logo key in windows 7?

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The windows logo key is super annoying. Each time I play a game and hit the key accidentally, it stops the application. . Could you please tell me an easy way to disable windows logo key in windows 7.

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  1. Guest7310

    The Windows logo keys is also known as Super key, Meta key. Windows logo key, the Winkey, the Start key, MOD4, and the Flag key. It was originally introduced on the Microsoft Natural Keyboard and that was before the release of Windows 95. If there is Onboard lacking in the Windows key then Esc can be used in the Windows.

    Windows Logo Key is located in between CTRL and ALT and is presents in all the recent computers and laptops. If you have an old computer that is bought a decade ago and this article will be of no use for you.

    Windows Logo Key is generally used to open up the Start Menu and from there you can access each and everything on the computer. This key can be annoying at times. If you like to play computer games, CTRL or ALT keys are more used . By mistake you end up pressing Windows Logo Key. This will be disastrous and annoying for gamers.

    The best way to avoid is to disable the Windows Logo Key.

    Here are some steps to Disable Windows Logo Key:

    You can open Notepad by going to Start menu and then Run and type notepad in the box and click ok. Later you can Copy the code below to Notepad. The third step here is to Save the File with .reg Extension.

    Now you can execute the file. This will create a registry entry that will disable the Windows Logo Key and it ends all the shutdowns and the wait times of the games and full screen applications.


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