Does Spicy food actually help with hot weather in Vienna?

by Guest4203  |  8 years, 4 month(s) ago

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I hear spicy food makes you sweat more, which actually cools your body after eating it. I was curious to know if this is true in case of Vienna.


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  1. Guest5168

    Hello there

    Definitely, spicy food is always able enough to spice you up and let you sweat in cold and hot weather. There are many restaurants in Vienna which are famous for their spicy delights. The quality and variety of food stuff is unimaginable. A lot of foreign and local food lovers often visit these places to add a unique flavor to their daily menu.

    I am one of those food lovers and pay regular visits to different hotels and restaurants which are well known for their spicy foods. You know it is quite true, as spicy food helps a lot in cooling you down, and I have seen the same practice in this beautiful city. It is a must seen place, and full of natural splendors. The food is the specialty of Vienna, and especially the spicy one which is mostly served with different world famous cosines. The unique aroma and unforgettable flavors of spicy food are always a natural way to get rid of hot summer season in Vienna.

    I hope you can easily understand why they love it. it is not just food but a way to get rid of hot weather. Try is just a beginning. One must eat it to feel the real charm of this exciting food.



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