How can Bipolar Disorder be treated?

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My friend is suffering from the Bipolar Disorder, what are the methods available for the treatment of this type of disorder, what are the medications available for this disease?

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    For different types of bipolar disorder, antipsychotic medications, lithium and mood stabilizers are normally used. For some phases of depression, antidepressants are used sometimes, with or without the manic phase treatment. There is a little long term evidence that supports that any kind of medication has great success in the maintenance phase. Some of these studies suggest that medicines such as lithium and antipsychotics were found to be successful.

    Other drugs like Antipsychotic drugs can be helpful for the people who have lost their touch with the reality. Some of the anti-anxiety drugs like benzodiazepines might also help. The patient needs to stay in the hospital until his mood becomes stabilized and the symptoms become under control. The Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) might be used for the treatment of bipolar disorder. ECT is a psychiatric treatment that uses the electrical current in order to cause a brief seizure of the central nervous system even when the patient is under anesthesia. Studies have found most of the time that ECT is one of the most effective treatment for the depression that is not relieved with the medications. Getting lot of sleep will help in stabling a mood in some of the patients. Psychotherapy might be a good and useful option during the depressive phase. In order to join a support group might help for the bipolar disorder patients and also their loved ones.


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