How can diabetes be prevented?

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One of my family member is having diabetes, what is the treatment that should be followed in order to take care of the diabetes, what type of eating habits should we adopt during diabetes.

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    The main goal here is to treat diabetic ketoacidosis and also increased blood glucose levels. As type 1 diabetes can start suddenly and might have severe symptoms so people who are diagnosed might need to visit the hospital for a thorough checkup.

    Some of the long term goals of treatment are:

    Prolong life

    Reduced Symptoms

    Diabetes related complications can also be avoided such as blindness, heart disease, kidney failure and also the amputation of limbs.

    All of the above mentioned goals can be accomplished through:

    Controlling the blood pressure and also the cholesterol control

    Careful self testing of blood glucose levels in the body

    Educating yourself for the diabetes

    Making exercise an important factor in your lifecycle

    Foot care is necessary for the patients of diabetes

    Planning of the meat and weight control

    Medication or the use of Insulin.

    There is no proper cure for diabetes available. The treatment involves medicines, diet and exercise for the control of blood sugar and preventing the symptoms.

    There is proper care that should be taken with regards to the health provider in order to learn the amount of fat, protein and carbohydrates that one need in your diet. There is a registered version that will help you in planning your dietary needs. People who have type 1 diabetes should eat almost the same each times a day and also try to be more consistent with all the types of food that they choose.

    Similarly patients who have type 2 diabetes should follow a well-balanced and low fat diet.


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