How do I book a trip with multiple destinations on air France?

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I am planning a trip with my family for 5 days and where we will stay different cities in France. Can someone tell me how to book a trip with multiple destinations on air France?

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  1. Guest3256
    you can book a Toulouse-Berlin departure flight with a Frankfurt-Paris return flight. Or a Paris-Tokyo departure flight with an Osaka-Paris return flight. Or even: Paris-Nice, Nice-London, London-Nantes, Brest-Paris.
    To book this type of trip online, click on the "Multi-destination itinerary" button on the booking form. For other types of itineraries, please contact your travel agency, an Air France ticket office, or our telephone sales service.
    To locate a ticket office or find our telephone sales number, please go to the "Contact us" section available through the link on air frnace home page.

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