How is Movie Vivah?

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I want to watch the Indian  movie Vivah.Could someone tell me about its hero and other cast.

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    Vivah  means wedding, an eventful Journey From Engagement To Marriage . Vivah is a romantic drama film released in 2006. It is written and directed by Sooraj R. Barjatya.  Vivah is the fourth movie in which Shahid Kapoor and Amrita Rao performed together.

    Vivah was released on 10 November 2006 across India and received a Telugu dub as Parinayam.

    The story of Vivah revolves around  the engagement period of Prem (Shahid Kapoor), an upper-class business manager, and Poonam (Amrita Rao), a middle class college student. The movie was filmed in Delhi and also in the fictional town of Madhupur, located near Delhi in Uttar Pradesh.

    The story of Vivah is based upon a newspaper article published in 1988. As usual, the Hero is, once again, called 'Prem' Like in all previous movies of Sooraj R. Barjatya.  The recording of the movie took place during the first months of 2006. The jewellery for the heroin of the movie Poonam was created by Indian jeweller D’damas, while Amrita Rao's costumes were designed by Anna Singh.  Whereas Shabina Khan designed Shahid Kapoor clothes. Both designers were hired for film officially.

    Other cast of the film is:

    • Shahid Kapoor as Prem – A young businessman from Delhi, start his career at his father's enterprise. He falls in love with Poonam.

    • Amrita Rao as Poonam "Bitto" – A young woman belongs to very traditional family from Madhupur.

    • Anupam Kher as Mr. Harischandra – Prem's and Sunil's father.

    • Alok Nath as Krishnakant "Chacha" – Rajni's father and Poonam's uncle

    • Seema Biswas as Rama "Chachi" – Rajni's mother and Poonam's aunt.

    • Samir Soni as Sunil – Prem's brother

    • Lata Sabharwal as Bhavna – Sunil's wife.

    • Manoj Joshi as Bhagat – A jeweller and trader,  knows both the families

    • Dinesh Lamba as Munim – Krishnakant's secretary.

    • Ameya Pandya as Rahul – Bhavna's and Sunil's son.

    • Mohnish Behl as Doctor Rashid Khan – The doctor who treats Poonam.


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