How is the health condition of Huma Akram now?

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How is the health of Huma, wife of cricketer Wasim Akram now

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  1. paafamily
    Huma Akram: Wasim Akrams Wife ill, in Indian Hospital, Wife of Former Pakistan Cricketer Wasim Akram was admitted to Apollo hospital in Chennai after some health complications in an air ambulance.Wasim Akrams Wife ill, in Indian Hospital
    Wasim Akram Wife ill, In Indian Hospital According to sources, the couple was on their way to Singapore for medical treatment, in the air ambulance when Huma’s health condition worsens. The air ambulance had landed at the Chennai airport for refueling.

    After worsening health condition, the doctors on board the ambulance, advised Wasim Akram to hospitalize her immediately.

    According to sources, Waseem Akram, in his message to nation, has called for prays for the early recovery of his wife (Huma Waseem) from illness.

  2. Guest5223
    she died couple of hours ago
  3. Guest6285
    RIP Huma!!!
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