How to add links to Text in Flash CS3?

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Please tell me how to add URL Links to Text in Flash CS3.

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  1. Guest5460
    Open the Flash file and select "Publish Settings" from the "Edit" menu. On the Flash tab, set ActionScript to version 2.0.
    Type the link text using the Text tool; for example, "[ see more ]." Press "F8" to create a movie clip from the text. Type "textLink" in the Properties panel's field.
    Create a new layer and name it "as." Click in frame one of the layer and press "F9." The Actions window opens. Type the following:
    textLink.onRelease = function(){
    The textLink.onRelease function uses the instance name of the movie clip.
    test the link by pressing "Ctrl" and "Enter" and then clicking on the link.

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