Hyderabad employment exchange

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myemployment card experied in6months pleasemy card renevalmy email address

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  1. amomipais82
    Meeting place for prospective Information Technology Employees and Employers. If you are looking for an Infotech job, you can post a brief description of your qualifications, skills and job expectations. Infotech companies are welcome to post Job vacancy details here.

  2. Guest3179
    timings of employment office for registration
  3. Guest5260
    I have applied for the employment exchange for the job.My qlfn is
    And i din't got any offer from employment exchange, plz help to get the mobile no. is 9010219656
  4. Guest1151
    what is the address of district employment exchange in hyderabad
  5. Guest2678
    How to get the name enrolled in the employment exchange (Hyderabad, Vijay Nagar Colony)through online.....
  6. Guest9568


    My employment card is expired last year march.  How can I renewal my employoment card.

    Please suggest me how can I renewal my emloyee card.

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