I need to change my own poetry and art created in Print Shop Pro Publisher 23 to .jpg

by Guest3755  |  10 years, 11 month(s) ago

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I've boung several Broderbund products and never asked for help except installing upgrades. Now I need to change one of my cards (My own verse, art, photography, etc.) into a .jpg or .jpeg for contest. I also bought PDF converter from this company. I don't like buying so much and not much in assistance given back in return. THanks.

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  1. Guest3476
    I misspelled bought. Please help me ASAP. I need to save my card, created in the Print Shop Pro Publisher 23 to .jpg or .jpeg for a contest. I am an artist, writer, poet, but face health problems. PLEASE HELP ME. I am not able to pay for an answer to this question and need the answer ASAP for contest entry ends this coming week or soon. THANKS. Glena Jessee-King at

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