Need some relationship advice for a fat girl

by Guest60709  |  9 years, 3 month(s) ago

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Need some relationship advice for a fat girl

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  1. Victor Strong

     First and foremost, the best advice I have to offer you has to do with something that is absolutely priceless - your self-confidence. There is nothing more crucial to you than your outlook on life and how you feel about yourself. I do not want to answer this as advice for a fat girl. I want to answer this as advice for someone who is about to bring love into their life by loving themselves.

    If you feel like your physical appearance is less than desirable, you have to control over yourself to change it. There are excellent exercise regimes and diet plans on the internet to have you eating healthy and building lean muscle. This change has to do with your self-image. You will find that the world sees you as you see yourself.

    Make those changes and love the person you are. You are gifted, talented and powerful. Find that within yourself and you will find love from others.

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