Pakistan to approach Interpol for Musharraf arrest

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Will Pakistan be able to arrest the former accused President Pervaiz Musharraf with the help of Interpol?

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  1. Guest830

    It is true.

    An anti-terrorism court in Pakistan has ordered Fedral Investigation Agency (FIA) to contact Interpol to execute arrest warrant on former president Pervez Musharraf in the murder case of former two times Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto

  2. Guest3996

    According to some of the officials of the  Musharraf's party, the accusations against the former president are 'politically motivated' and he could appear in the court if he received formal orders from the courts. This means that if Pakistani Government is really keen so as to arrest Pervaiz Musharraf then they should be taking some serious and meaningful steps. Musharraf intends to return to Pakistan before the next general election in 2013. He has also launched a new party, the All Pakistan Muslim League.


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