Removal of laminated backsplash

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Removal of laminated backsplash

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  1. amomipais82
    Hi There,
    Any time you remove laminate from drywall your drywall will get damaged that is the price that has to be paid for installing laminates over drywall. The drywall has a paper top layer that the glue that holds the laminate to the wall and the glue penetrates that paper layer. So when the bond is broken the paper layer gets torn off in the process. depending on how bad the sheet rock gets damaged in the removal will depend on whether you can use sheet rock mud to smooth out the damaged areas. If whole sections pull off during the removal then you will have to replace the dry wall. Plywood makes a much better sub-straight to install any back splash material on rather than dry wall.

    Lacquer thinner will not work on a wall. you will wind up with a much larger mess using this.

    Good Luck'

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