Sale of VIP bag at Bath and Body works Spring 2011

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What does the Spring 2011 Sale VIP bag at Bath and Body works features? How much can we save on this. Is it worth this price Also, what are the other sale options available? Which skin care products does the VIP bag contains? Please share your views if you have purchased any of these sale items.

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  1. Guest9659

     Sale for Spring VIP bag includes 10 items with a diverse range of skin products:

    1. A full-sized Shower Gel of 10 oz

    2. A Body Lotion in Coconut Mango of 2 oz

    3. Fragrance Mist in Country Chic of 8 oz

    4. An Anti-Bacterial Gentle Foaming Hand Soap in Fresh Lavender, of 8.75 oz

    5. PocketBac Hand Sanitizer in Fresh Picked Strawberries

    6. Red Glitter PocketBac holder

    7. Pink Flower Wallflower Starter

    8. Wallflower Single Refill in Hydrangea

    9. A Gauze Sponge

    10. A Heart Shaped Coin bag

    The value of the merchandise is adjusted so that a $100 value is delivered to you. The whole process is simple as you can add this to bag and get an additional $40 dollar purchase and entering spring tote code on ending the purchase.

    The offer is quite interesting, but worth of VIP bag at Bath and Body works depends on how you evaluate it, how much it matters to you, as it is a subjective issue. Usually these types of sales are a highly motivating incentive for those people, who hold skin and body care as their foremost priority.

    Other spring favorite deals include a Buy three get two free offer on Signature Collection Body Care. You can choose from 9 different cosmetic products by Country Chic, lying within the price range of $10 to $ 30. The products include shower gel, body lotion, fragrance mist, eau de toilette, hand cream, body butter, bubble bath, triple moisture body cream. This offer can save you up to $59.

    You can save up to $10 , by buying 4 anti-bacterial hand soaps for $15, select a gift set at 25 % off,  or you can buy 14.5 oz candles, saving $9 for 2. Similar offer for a Wallflower and scent portables, and several mother’s day gifts are available in sale items.

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