Telephone number for D-Watson Chemist in Islamabad

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Telephone number for D-Watson Chemist in Islamabad - since i had problem finding the number for dwatson myself i decided to share it with all others who will be searching for it on the internet.

D-Watson Chemist & Superstore +92-51-2821607
Address : Deen Pavilion, Blue Area, F-7 Markaz, Islamabad.

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  1. Guest387

  2. Guest86
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  4. Guest8594

     d.watson store mai ek cruppt larki hai.

    jo store mai her larkay sy khas tor par waqas madam sarwat k bhai

    sy lagwa rhi thi 

  5. Guest3354

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  6. Guest5041

     contact number of D. watson islamabad is +92-51-2804004

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