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I am Engr. Trevor Mcanthony expert in the cleaning of black/anti-breeze/defaced notes from Vapo Solution Laboratory. We have been rendering our services to numerous clients from different parts of the globe and we are highly Reliable, Efficient, and Committed to our client satisfaction.

This is to inform all owners of black note, that there is lot of fake chemicals in circulation therefore you are here by advised to work with professionals in the field of chemical usage.

I would always advise you to work with professionals to avoid loosing money in searching for solution. The reason for my advice is there are many unprofessional who just impersonate in order to scam people off their money and failing to provide solution to their problem.

Note: You are advised to always consult professionals and depend only on their professional advice to avoid losing money and finding lasting solution to your problems. Remember there are a lot of unprofessional people who only but scam so be warned
For more information or help do not hesitate to contact me with the below details.

Vapo Solution Laboratory

Office: 204 Canada Avenue


United Kingdom .

Tel:  +447924517847


Best Regards.
Engr. Trevor Mcanthony

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  1. Guest4810
    This is to inform the general Arab Republic that we now have a Technical staff of Black2white Lab-Limited, who is originally from Lebanon; he’s presently working with our branch office in South Africa.
    We are informing all owners of black notes, that there is lot of fake chemicals in circulation; therefore you are hereby advised to work with professionals in the field of chemical usage.
    Work with professionals, so that you do not lose money in finding solutions, as there many unprofessional/scammed who impersonate, thus swindle vulnerable and gullible clients.
    We sell all kind of SSD Solution Automatic Chemical in discount Prices pending on how many litters you want to purchase from us.
    Thank you.
    Best regards.
    Smith Kennedy.
    CEO, Black2white Lab-Limited

    E-mail:(M.D) or
    Or visit our web:
    (U.K) TEL:+447031748640

  2. Guest7436
    if you need help with defaced contact this email i will direct you to someone who will help....
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