Wave of violence in pakistan left around 160 dead in ten days

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Wave of violence in pakistan left around 160 dead in ten days.  More than 40 people have been killed in Pakistan in a string of attacks in different parts of the country and targeting Pakistani security forces. According to official sources, several attacks have occurred in Lahore, in eastern DRC and in Kohat, located to the northwest. The wave violence affecting the country has caused about 160 deaths in ten days.

The longest-running assault took place at the headquarters of the elite Police Bedian, an area on the outskirts of Lahore. Security forces regained control of the center after killing five of the terrorists, who came to take some hostages and killed six police officers during the assault, a police source said.

An hour earlier, government forces had ended another fedayeen attack against Manawan academy cadets, located in a nearby area, also on the outskirts of Lahore, which had already been hit by a terrorist commando in March this year. At least six policemen died in the clash, which killed four insurgents, two of whom committed suicide by detonating an explosive charge they carry.

The third of the attacks in the capital of eastern Punjab province was perpetrated against the offices of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), where four members of the body, between officials and security officers, and four terrorists were killed. FIA's headquarters in this city had been a powerful suicide bombing in March 2008.

Almost simultaneously in the town of Kohat, located to the northwest in the restive North West Frontier Province (NWFP), another attack has killed at least 11 people and injured 24 others. A suicide bomber has built his vehicle loaded with explosives into the police station in the area of Saddar.

"Some schools are among the dead," a police source indicated on the ground cited by the Pakistani Dawn chain. According to witnesses cited by the Geo TV channel, the explosion has been of great intensity and caused serious damage to the building. The injured have already been transported to several nearby hospitals and police have cordoned off the area, so that research teams can determine the circumstances of the attack.

At noon another attack has shaken the country. Several people were injured in Peshawar, capital of NWFP, in an explosion in a residential neighborhood. The explosion occurred in Gulshan Rehman Colony, home of the provincial employees. This colony is located in Kohat road.

According to a witness quoted by the channel GEO, the explosion occurred in a flat in the colony, causing the three-storey building collapsed. Apparently, according to this chain, there are several people trapped under rubble. According to Dawn News, the target of the attack would be a government official.

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  1. amomipais82
    The War in North-West Pakistan is an armed conflict between the Pakistani Army and Islamist militants made up of local tribesmen, the Taliban, and foreign extremists.It began in 2004 when tensions rooted in the Pakistani Army's search for al-Qaeda members in Pakistan's mountainous Waziristan area (in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas) escalated into armed resistance by local tribesmen.

    Clashes erupted between the Pakistani troops and al-Qaeda's and other militants joined by local rebels and pro-Taliban forces. The Pakistani actions were presented as a part of the War on Terrorism, and had connections to the war and Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan.

    To date, the Pakistani military has won nearly every battle against the militants. However, militancy still remains strong in various parts of the North West Frontier Province. Pakistan has also lost more than three times the number of its troops compared to the number of US troops killed in Afghanistan. As of 2009, the Pakistan Army and the Frontier Corps are currently being trained in counter-insurgency warfare by the US and British Governments.The conflict, as well as terrorism in Pakistan has cost Pakistan $35 billion.

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