What are the different available sports models of Yamaha?

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I am working on list of Yamaha ‘models’ and ‘makes’ to prepare a complete directory in order to provide people with an ease to get the details of their desired Yamaha makes and models online. I tried my hands searching information about a range of Yamaha sports bikes online, but it has created a lot of confusion for me, because online websites has a mix up of different brands of sports bikes. Being a project of great importance for me, it will not only provide people with ease, but will also help them compare specs, features, prices, parts, additions and many more other things with other sports bikes to go for the right choice. I need your help to please coordinate with me in order to compile a list of different models and makes of Yamaha Superbikes; so that we can help out people get their dreams come true. Your cordial efforts may help me compile a proper list. Thanks!

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  1. Guest2407

    I was assigned a project to compile a list of available Yamaha sports bikes as part of my degree in recent past. I hope it will help you get most of the makes and models of Yamaha:

    Yamaha YZF

    Yamaha YZF R

    Yamaha YZF R1

    YZF R6

    Yamaha r 6

    Yamaha yzf r125

    Yamaha yzf r6

    Yamaha yzf r6s

    Yamaha yzf 450

    Yamaha yzf 600

    Yamaha yzf r15

    Yamaha yzf 600r

    Yamaha yzf 750

    Yamaha yzf 1000

    1998 yamaha r1

    2005 yamaha yzf

    2010 yamaha yzf r1

    2004 yamaha yzf

    2003 yamaha yzf

    2000 yamaha yzf

    2002 yamaha yzf

    yamaha yzf 250 r4

    2007 yamaha yzf-r1

    2009 yamaha yzf r6

    2008 yamaha yzf-r6

    2006 yamaha yzf r6

    2008 yamaha yzf-r1

    2011 yamaha yzf r1

    2009 yamaha yzf r1

    2006 yamaha yzf r1

    2005 yamaha yzf r6

    1998 yamaha yzf

    2007 yamaha yzf-r6

    2010 yamaha yzf 450


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