What are the symptoms of milk protein allergy?

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I have a 12 month old son that I have been trying to switch to cow's milk. Last Thursday my son threw up during the night, and has been sever diarrhea. Are these the symptoms of milk protein allergy?

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  1. Guest4955
    Babies who develop cow's milk protein allergy may have one or several of the following symptoms:
    eczema or skin rash
    abdominal pain or cramps
    or diarrhea
    Less commonly, some children may have a very serious allergic reaction called anaphylaxis. This reaction usually occurs within minutes after eating or drinking food which they're allergic to. The most serious symptom of an anaphylactic reaction is the swelling of the face, mouth and tongue leading to difficulty breathing. Hives, itchy rash and flushing and severe vomiting are other signs that may be present should an anaphylactic reaction occur If your child ever has these symptoms, get medical help immediately because untreated anaphylaxis can quickly become fatal. Fortunately, anaphylaxis is rare.

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