What is mono?

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Hi there, a friend of mine has missed the past month of school with mono. What is it and why is she so sick?

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  1. Victor Strong

     Mononucleosis, or mono is a viral infection that is spread by close contact or more commonly saliva. Due to the latter, mono is often referred to as 'the kissing disease' although it can be spread by other means such as sharing a beverage with an infected party.

    People with mono are likely to experience extreme fatigue, swollen lymphnodes (particularly in the neck), fever, sore and achy muscles, tonsilitis and poor appetite.

    The reason your friend's recovery is taking so long is due to the fact that mono is caused by a virus, therefore antibiotics cannot be used to fight it. The only recommendation is a lot of rest, fluids and Tylenol for the pain.


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