What is the best internet provider in canada

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What is the best internet provider in canada

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     The answer to this question depends largely on what you mean by 'best'. This is being written under the assumption that best in this instance constitutes both speed and reliability/service. 

    In terms of speed, Canada as a whole is relatively underwhelming when compared internationally. Canadians average 8.6 Mbps, downright pedestrian when compared to South Korea 35.24. Carriers in our country charge quite a bit for what ultimately is relatively lackluster connectivity.

    Big name providers include Rogers and Bell, who package deals with cable and other such services. Other reliable providers include Teksavvy and Odynet. In terms of speed, Videotron is king, followed by Cogeco and Shaw. Big name Rogers comes in fourth with Bell lagging behind and outside of the Top 10.

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