What is the minimum requirement for Admission in MS program At Bahria University?

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I wish to know the minimum requirement for admission in MS program at Bahria University. Does anyone have an idea about the requirements and eligibility of admission in MS program in Bahria University?

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  1. Guest3128

    According to my knowledge you must have at least CGPA 2.5 or 50% marks in 4 years  Bachelors.

  2. Guest72

    Firstly, I would appreciate your choice of university, especially if you’re in Islamabad. Bahria is considered as one of the better universities in Pakistan. Well coming back to the MS program offered by Bahria University, i have prepared a list for you.

    MS programs offered by Bahria University

    Bahria University offers the following MS programs:MS Software Engineering Programme

    1. MS Telecom & Networking Programme

    3. MS (Geology/Geophysics/Environmental Sciences)

    5. MS (Environmental Policy & Management)

    Academic Eligibility for the MS programs offered by Bahria University

    Given below are the eligibilities for Ms programs offered by Bahria University

    1. MS Software Engineering  (2 Years) Programme, CGPA 2.5 or 50% marks in 4 years Bachelors

    3. MS Telecom & Networking  (2 Years) Programme, CGPA 2.5 or 50% marks in 4 years Bachelors

    5. MS (Geology/Geophysics/Environmental Sciences) 2Years Programme, BS / MSc Earth Science with 3.0 CGPA

    7. MS (Environmental Policy & Management) 1.5Years Programme, BS /MSc in all  Science with 3.0 CGPA

    I hope the information provided above helped in solving your query, if you have any other question or query, please feel free to ask. You can also check the official website of Bahria University for Further Information. 

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