What transactions can I perform using my India HDFC Bank's ATM / Debit Card?

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I have India HDFC Bank's ATM card. What transactions can I perform by using it?

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  1. Guest8462
    You can perform the following transactions at our ATMs across the country:

        * Cash Withdrawals
        * View Account Balance
        * Request a mini-statement
        * Request for a Mini-Statement
        * Change your ATM PIN
        * Request for a Cheque Book
        * Request for an Account Statement (for the period from the date of the 'Last Statement' to the date on which request has been made.)
        * Funds Transfer within accounts linked to the same card
        * Pay your HDFC Bank Credit Card Bills
        * Refill your Prepaid Mobile
        * Deposit* Cheque or Cash
        * Request for your Net Banking Password

    * - Available at select HDFC Bank ATMs.

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