do you really think ? does any political party really hold economic solution to the current crisis ?

by Guest4542  |  11 years, 2 month(s) ago

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do you really think ? does any political party really hold economic solution to the current crisis ?

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  1. Guest151

     Such a solution can never be expected from dumb minds rolling Pakistan. Such things can be sort out by some extra ordinary mind who is aware about economics. The one who created such crisis can never provide solution to what they created them selves, and these crisis are all caused by these politicians just to keep the public busy in such issue and enjoy the poverty of the needy people by black mailing them, rapping the innocent girls, drinking alcohols. These are the qualities of our politicians. 

    I am living in Islamabad and there we are watching a man who is grabbing every one land kills innocent people, take money from the people without any reason. Our police are also paid by him because they protect him. No one is allowed to pass near to his house. A criminal is being given such protocol that when he is moving on the road the opposite side traffic is closed "TAji Khokher".

    Now in a country where criminals are getting protocols can never get out from the economic crisis. We need to fix each and every part of Pakistan and it is not possible over night. 

  2. Guest8660

    It means political parties cant do any think......... why we ask democaracy?

  3. Guest2053

     We should instead raise our hands to Allah and ask for a man who should be honest not only with him self and with the whole nation. And yes these parties can do nothing, as nothing there is their hands. The agencies are playing all this dramatic things other wise just tell me how can a man who stayed so long in jail. Who is world wide known to be Mr. 10 percent can reach up to such a dignified place. Man who give shelter to murderers so that he can use them. I would only like to request to my Allah to save my country from such a criminals. Who are just only promoting injustice and are stealing away what is our. 

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