ph.D couses of nims university jaipur is approved by ugc & rajasthan govt

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ph.D couses of nims university  jaipur is approved by ugc & rajasthan govt

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  1. Guest3297
    dear sir plz tell me about criteria of the phd.

  2. Guest1506
    I have complite my M.Sc.(Organic chemistry) with 61 % session 2010.
    i want to do PhD in Organic chemistry.
    are u ensure me that i can do my PhD
  3. Guest207
    I have completed my M.Sc in organic chemistry with 75% in 2008. i want to do P.hD in pharmaceuticals from your university(NIMS). Am i eligible for this course?
  4. Guest4133
    sir please give me the information about the part Ph D program and it is valid for asssistant teacher to university approval and give me deatils as per ugc norms
  5. Guest4017

    Dear sir I have completef my m.phil in chemistry in 2008. Kindly let me know whether I can pursue Ph d from your University. i am from Mumbai.

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