standard bounce rate to use as a yardstick for ur site

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Standard bounce rate to use as a yardstick for ur site - does anyone know what is the standard bounce rate (people leaving without clicking on any additional pages) on the net.  i know all sites are not the same and they fall in different categories but i'm sure in every category there are sites that do very well.  

if all sites were averaged out what would be the bounce rate i can set as a yard stick for my own website.  i know lower the bounce rate better it is but how do i know where i stand or if i am doing well compared to the industry average?

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  1. Guest2161
    Bounce rate will not have all the answers for you, but it will help on what content on your site needs revisiting and it will tell you how many people leave without moving on to the next page. I can’t speak for the industry as a whole but as a yardstick from my own personal experience over 15 years:

    it is hard to get a bounce rate under 20%
    over 35% is a cause for concern
    above 50% is worrying

  2. Guest9734
    I would agree with Business guru for the most part except from most of my personal blogs 50% bounce rate is normal; I usually start looking deeply if and when the bounce rate for my blog goes above 65%.  for my social network site the bounce rate is well below 30%.
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