wat r the authentic ways to getrid of black magic?

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wat r the authentic ways to getrid of black magic?

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  1. Guest3052
    The best thing is to pray. Or see some wise old man.

  2. Guest6394
    Take a reflective object, such as a mirror, and place in against your forehead (in the center) with the relective surface facing outwards. Picture the negativity, magic, etc. hitting the surface of the mirror and being deflected away from you and your family and back to the source of it's (their) origin. Burn a white candle and picture the white light surrounding and protecting you and your family. Do this several times a day until you no longer feel the influences you spoke of. Walk in peace and in beauty.......
  3. Guest5819
    Recite Surah Falaq and surah Naas. This is the only solution Allmighty has given us.
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