what are the prevention of gluten allergy

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My mother is a working lady. She has gluten allergy due to this disease she cannot be able to work properly. Anyone who can help me in giving information regarding prevention of gluten allergy.

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    You must also ensure that recurrences symptoms of wheat gluten allergy will not happen. This is very easy to accomplish if and when you can follow these steps:

    * Keep others informed of your medical condition and, if possible, wear a medical bracelet. If it is your child with gluten allergy, then you must inform school administrators so that gluten-rich foods will not be inadvertently served to him. It also pays to ask the school nurse to inject your child with epinephrine when necessary. Of course, you must also make your child aware of the foods not to be eaten.
    * Read food labels. You want to be sure that gluten is not used as a food thickener in the packaged food you are buying from the grocery.
    * Shop for gluten-free foods and cook wheat-free foods. These are obvious solutions and ones that are completely in your control.
    * Be careful when eating in dining establishments.
    With these tips, you will soon enjoy a life free from gluten allergy symptoms. Of course, you may have to say goodbye to cakes, cereals, pastries and pasta, among other foods, but your life is definitely worth the sacrifice.

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