what did you do with your nylon overalls when they were completely worn out

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what did you do with your nylon overalls when they were completely worn out

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  1. Guest7827

    i used to hord them ,i didnt like throw them away

  2. Guest491

    Good nylon overalls really never wear out.Sometimes scissors make holes in the pockets or the pockets can tear.However these can be easily mended.I sometimes get my sister to make and stitch on patch pockets and new matching collar.She gets her hair permed for free so its a good deal for her.I had a purple and black check Alexandria which had a black collar and two patch pockets.My sister simply replaced the pockets and  collar with black nylon and it was like new.

    I have a customer who comes weekly for a wash and set who happens to be a local principal of a girls school.She asked me for some old overalls for the school play.I hated parting with them because after a while they become like old friends.

    One professional lady (solicitor) who comes for a weekly set to Mona one of my hairdressers actually says she comes to us because she believes a proper hairdresser should wear an overall for cleanliness and hygiene purposes.This lady also brings her 15 year old daughter on monthly basis for a good trimming up.Also it helps people know who the hairdresser is.I hate those spotty girls in black tee shirts.I would smarten them all up with a good old practical zip fronted nylon overall.

    Apologies for lengthy answer -as you can see as a hairdresser for 30 years I think nylon overalls are practical,easily washed and feminine.

  3. Guest3071

    please let me know where to come for my next hair cut ,i agree there nothing like a clean nylon overall

  4. Guest1900

    keep them until i had half a dozen or more then  sit down infront of the fire one cold winters night and start burning them ,and didnt they warm the room up.has any one else done this.

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