whether cps dch recognition has been cancelled by mci and mmc?if yes since when?

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whether cps dch recognition has been cancelled by mci and mmc?if yes since when?

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  1. Guest708
    whether cps skin has been cancelled by mmc?if yes since when?

  2. Guest415
    Central govn. will never derecognize these courses, cps officials are very strong among central government in ministry of health and family welfare and ministry of higher education. This case is in Mumbai high court from ten years and it will take another ten years to complete. After Mumbai high court decision, they will take it to Supreme Court they are interested to delay it for many years, everyone knows central govn. has decided to withdraw MCI and they are going to form single body in place of eight councils. It will be known as National Council for Human Resources in Health NCHRH.
    CPS notice board shows this news highlighted, they say they will be recognized by NCHRH. Instead they are planning to get India wide seats. They made tie ups D.Y.Patil Medical college and Deemed uni. And they are going to show 3 D.Y.Patil medical colleges as their infrastructure. I am always updated regarding this news.
    If still anyone think that cps will derecognized soon they should hurry to getting seat because once you enrolled at the day of recognition your degree will always be recognized. All knows no MCI recognized course is available in such low cost as cps 9 courses. It is basically for those students who couldn’t get seat in all India or in state pre-pg exam, and they cant afford more then 7-8 lacs. Its only choice available. If CPS will be derecognized we all have to look for very very expensive MCI courses in private medical colleges that time they will be more costlier.
    DNB is also not recognized by MCI, DNB will always recognize CPS courses, after CPS diploma any one can get Secondary DNB very easily. In private colleges and institutions, rate for secondary DNB is far cheaper then Primary DNB. In D.Y.Patil they demand 14-15 for primary DNB pediatrics and 5 for secondary DNB pediatrics. After 6 FCPS courses any one can appear in DNB part 2 directly. I am trying to explain CPS courses is better and cheaper gateway of DNB. No need to pass DNB part one exam. If one couldn’t cross DNB part 2 exam he will have at least one MCI recognized degree in his hand.
    Next batch will be started in fab.2010, and it is sure cps recognition is continue for this batch. I can help getting seat. I can give you low budget options, if anyone wants particular choice of institution I can manage any seat of any hospital institution or medical college through out maharashtra. Call me 9223226259for more information or if want to secure a seat in fab.10 batch in minimum rates. Mail-- medico192003()aol,com
  3. Guest718
    no, no metter of recognition between mmc and cps is going on. all diplomas are recognised except DA.
  4. Guest5019
    Its not that once you take the seat it will be reconized ...its from which date Health Ministry make it derecognized in their notification.

    I called MCI guys they said.....If CPS is derecognized by Health Ministry all the students have to face it...As they have marked it as Derecognized status and then also students are taking admissions...its their own risk......

    For now wait and watch wht health ministry gives in their notification which they said will be published in 2 weeks as per their last hearing in the court on 19th Nov.

    So if taking admission its at ur own risk.
  5. Guest6239
    as far as i know all cps courses are recognised by maharastra medical is outside mmc office also about mci recognition definetly it is not recognised by any other state council.but u can practice in maharastra only so its not too bad if you compare it with dawm diploma in pedratrics it is far much better option and if u r going for a private job u can practice in any state nobody `ll stop u for admission contact mob:9669803308
  6. Guest8684
    The cps dch guys are corrupt .Never take admission if you are planning to .Even so if you hail from other state..The hYpocrites have forgoten their days and are s******g the students now as if it were an DNB exam ....HELLO SIR.. The answer lies in giving proper teaching and inPECTIONs to colleges ... DO YOU LISTEN??? And not just being a hypocrate and failing the STUDENTS...coz you know they are inoccent...YOU IMROVE ..not make the students pAy for your mistakes...
  7. Guest2358

     all cps courses are derecognize and you are liabel to sue in consumer court as well as in criminal court of any part of india.

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