who is vivian holland

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who is vivian holland

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    Hi There,
    Contsance's actions may seem harsh. What she did was not out of hatred for her disgraced husband. She must have known about Oscar before the public scandal occurred. She wrote to Vivian shortly before her death, "Try not to feel harshly about your father; remember that he is your father and that he loves you. All his troubles arose from the hatred of a son for his father, and whatever he has done he has suffered bitterly for".

    European Schools
    The boys were enrolled in a preparatory school, but I do not yet have detailed informaion on which school it was. They were immediately removed from the school when news about their rather broke. The boys were sent off to an English-language boarding school in Heildeberg, Germany--Neuenheim Collage (1896). It was then across the river from Heidelberg. There the boys found some cricket flannels packed in their trunks still had the Wylde name tags. They rembemer being horrified to find evidence of their former names on their clothes. They had no idea what had occurred, but they that they felt like little criminals and had to desperately assume a new identity. Vyvyan later wrote, "The thought that at any moment an indiscreet remark or a chance encounter ... might betray us was a sword of Damocles constantly hanging over our heads." Vyvyan apparently did not like the school in Germany. One report says that he was very miserable at the school. We are not sure why he so disliked the school. Perhaps because he was not as good at sports as his brother. It was subsequently decided to separate the boys as an added security mesure. Cyril stayed at the school in Germany. Vyvyan was sent to a Catholic (Jesuit) school in Monaco. It was while on holiday he met people who attended Jesuit boarding schools or at any rate were catholics. They made a good impression on him. January 1897 transferred to Collegia della Visitazione. The Jesuit college in Monaco. The priest in charge of pastoral care informs him about the death of his mother following an operation to her spine (1898) . I think he liked Monaco school better, but have few details. He was not there long. It is difficult to fully comprehend what this meant. The boys had been permanently separated from their father and living far away from their mother in a foreign country. They were still very young and had no idea what had transpired. They had grown up together and had always been very close. Now they were separated from each other. The situation for the boys worsened when their mother experienced a serious accident 3 years after they had been sent to the Continent. They were left in the charge of their mother's family whose sole concern was the family disgrace. The boys were seen as an embarrassment, a continuing reminder of their father and the didgrace. The family did not tell them when their father died (1899).

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