y name is Annor Kumi Jacob and my invoice numbmer is F0210017895 and i want to know my index number

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region is eastern region and the center is Akropong Akwapim

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  1. Guest7773
    Candidate's Number:   1023500147
    Candidate's Name: ANNOR KUMI JACOB
    Gender: MALE
    Paper Subject Exam. Hall Exam. Date
    302/313 ENGLISH LANG ORAL 3 OKUAPEMAN SHS 03/09/2010
    204/113 GEOGRAPHY 1A OKUAPEMAN SHS 06/09/2010
    204/123 GEOGRAPHY 1B OKUAPEMAN SHS 06/09/2010
    204/213 GEOGRAPHY 2 OKUAPEMAN SHS 06/09/2010
    302/113 ENGLISH LANG 1 OKUAPEMAN SHS 11/09/2010
    302/213 ENGLISH LANG 2 OKUAPEMAN SHS 11/09/2010
    402/112 MATHEMATICS(CORE) 1 OKUAPEMAN SHS 18/09/2010
    402/212 MATHEMATICS(CORE) 2 OKUAPEMAN SHS 18/09/2010

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