1 million of teenage mothers in Mexico

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1 million of teenage mothers in Mexico

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    About 1 million pregnancies are to teenage mothers each year, equivalent to 27.6 % of the total.

    The coordinator of the Center for Adolescent Pregnancy attentional Civil Hospital Dr. Juan I. Menchaca says that globally the teenage pregnancy remains an impediment to improving educational, economic and social conditions of women.

    Mentioned circumstances educationand limited employment opportunities, and these teens have ranges of ages ranging from 10 to 19 years, mainly group of 17 to 19.

    The teenage pregnancy carries a high risk to the mother and child. The pregnancy-related complications are the leading causes of maternal death in the country.

    The main causes of unwanted pregnancies ranging from early initiation of sexual intercourse, either voluntarily or by social pressure, such as sexual violence, lack of affection, parental neglect, low self-esteem, curiosity and use Bad contraceptive, reports Internet portal Province.

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