About TalkQueen

TalkQueen connects people for mutual benefits instantly; and we do it for free.

TalkQueen changes the game by allowing people looking for information, advice and guidance on everything from purchasing decisions, to relationships, to definitions and gossip to connect with answers and people who can help, free of charge.

As someone looking for information, advice or guidance, stop spending countless hours using traditional search engines, parsing through dozens of search results hoping to find the piece of data you are looking for. TalkQueen has answers to all your questions and can connect you in real-time to the people who can help.

As a guide, get connected in real-time with people seeking the information, advice and guidance you can provide on subjects/keyword that matter to you, whether it is your business, product, service, expertise, general knowledge or opinion. Simply put, register the keyword (s) you care about for free and we’ll send you instant alerts when someone searches them You can then engage in a one on one chatting session and have the opportunity to convert the people into paying customers, friends or followers.

Imagine you are a real estate agent in Ottawa Canada and you registered the keyword “house for sale in Ottawa”. Someone comes and searches for “houses for sale in Ottawa” on TalkQueen, you are immediately sent an alert to chat with the searcher.

TalkQueen creates a win win situation for all parties involved; the people searching finds instant help while the guides get new leads.

Because TalkQueen brings people to you rather than you going to people, you can spend more time satisfying customers and less time finding them.