10 Advantages of being single at Christmas

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10 Advantages of being single at Christmas

Christmas is that time of year when we share time with our loved ones, we have dinner with the family, receive gifts and we tell people how much we care... while your granny fail to wonder when you'll give grandchildren and your married cousin looks at you with a look that says... Is she g*y?

These dates can be hard to cope when we are single. All around us are loving couples facing the fireplace giving gifts, and the time every year you have to see the whole family and tell them that, indeed, you are still single.

Here are tips that will make sure you're going to survive, and more than that, you're going to enjoy the season at large, for that we leave 10 Advantages of being single over in love / married during Christmas:

1. No need to look for perfect gifts

The gift we are most concerned about Christmas is that we will give our partner. Demand too much effort on our part, think about whether you will like it, if you really like it, if you are only using it to look good...

This year will not have to think of the perfect gift. Forget lotions, watches and ties, and also having to wear those ugly earrings your ex gave you.

Two. Spend Christmas wherever you want

You will not have to ask the question, your house or mine? Spend Christmas wherever you want, by staying as long as you want. You can also visit your sister, or your best friend, and stay at home whatever you decide. It's your Christmas.

Three. You will travel to wherever you want

This year you will not have to spend your savings to go to a city where you were born or grew up, or you're interested. Use that money to travel to a place you really want to go or to visit someone who does not see much of you. It's your trip.
Three. You will not get ugly gifts

Except possibly from your family. But you will not have to fake excitement and happiness when you open that little box containing the ugliest earrings that you saw. This year you can give you yourself your best Christmas gift. Buy yourself that you've been wanting all year, plus you have the advantage that you do not remember anyone putting.
4. You can make your own party

This year you will have half of commitments when you were dating, so to not get bored, organize your own Christmas party and invite only those people who make you happy, not ex’s friends who get drunk, not his coworkers, you’re your friends. It's your party, and who knows, there may emerge a new fling.

6. You sing loudly

With no one to criticize you for your Christmas songs. Turn up the volume to CD Luis Miguel singing " Santa Claus came," Mariah Carey or Justin Bieber. Moreover, here we leave the video to inspire you :

7. You will not be the perfect woman

This year no one will be on the lookout for how you're dressed, if you burned the turkey or did apple pie instead of pecan. Your family and you know how and what to expect from you, so relax and enjoy Christmas with you people. What a relief not having to think about the gift of your mother.

8. You invest your time wisely

There are many people in this world that are more important things to worry about than your partner for the holidays. Support an institution to help children without families or persons of 3rd age they need more love and affection this Christmas. You'll see that making others happy this season is the best way to spend your time.

9.  You can even watch your favorite shows

With no one to take control of the remote, you are free to watch whatever you want.

10.  It’s time to learn and reflect

By being outside looking in, it allows you to look at others around you and learn the value of a good relationship.  What is important, who is really happy and who is faking it?   Determine and decide what kind of partner you really want and not settle for anything less.

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