10 year old boy looking for 10 year old girl

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10 year old boy looking for 10 year old girl

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  1. Guest9289

     A 10 years old boy looking for a 10 years old girl seems like to be quite interesting and weired that why a 10 years old boy need a 10 years old girl. It is not the right age to have a girl or girlfriend which is the basic thing behind the question. A 10 years old boy can have lot of friends in a class room which are there in front and you can choose any one they all are there so that you can be good friends and study well. 

    But a 10 years old boy can not value some one on internet that if the person on the other side is real or fake or is he/she making fun of you or else wise.

    So be more real rather then to search on the internet you should focus on live interaction with people from your age. But at the time you should focus on your studies and when you will be at some high profile post then you will be having them all around you admiring you and fancying you.


  2. Guest1164
    Hi i dont know u but i really wanna know if u are cute. Im eleven years old but maybe if u aren't shorter than me,people won't tell the difference.i am pretty with long black hair. U can email me on
  3. Guest7599

    If ur stil looking i accept!

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