100 Most Influential Celebrities

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Who are top 100 most influential celebrities in the world. Can you tell me about the famous actors of the Hollywood movie. The list of 100 most influential celebrities can include celebs of any time!

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    Some of the famous Hollywood celebrities are

    Brad Pitt

    Pitt earned the second Academy Award nomination for the performance as a man who is aging backward in The movie Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Also captured plenty of tabloid attention after the couple gave birth to his twins with her wife Angelina Jolie. Like Jolie, Pitt tries to divert the endless media attention on the couple that cause close to his heart, and also include in rebuilding New Orleans

    Will Smith

    Will Smith is The last true movie star, Smith opens a film at home or abroad. This year, he proved that he is also critic-proof. His two movies, Hancock and Seven Pounds, were panned by reviewers—but still it earned a combined $795 million at the box office and this helped Smith pocket upto $45 million.

    Adam Sandler

    The former Saturday Night Live actor keeps churning out the hits,he is most recently paired with uber-producer (and former roommate) Judd Apatow for You Don't Mess With The Zohan and another movie will soon be released by the name of Funny People. He is one of the few stars who can still earn upto $20 million pay day.

    Until last year, Ford had stepped out of the limelight, appearing in only four films since the year 2000. Then the time came for the fourth installment of the Indiana Jones franchise in the month May 2008. The movie grossed $787 million at the box office.

    You can visit the following site for the list of Top 100 influential celebrities.


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