100 ways to make money on twitter

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100 ways to make money on twitter. i'm looking for real 100 ways to make money on twitter and would love to get everyone's input.  i will post one way to make  money everyday but would love to get the 100 list up and running faster.  All you super smart people; share the intellect and tell us how we can make money on twitter.

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  1. Guest753
    I could start twittering when my girlfriend leaves the house, ensuring it is free for robbing.

  2. Guest8639
    Going back to the first thing first: Direct Advertisement – get lots of people to follow you on twitter at a local level and then approach local businesses to advertise with you. since twitter is getting lots of attention more and more local businesses will tune in to it. this would be an easy sell.
  3. Guest4387
    You can make money from your Affiliate Links – instead of promoting your affiliates (at least the ones that pay well) just on your site you can embed your affiliate link in your tweet. Your followers and those who search for that particular product or service might end of buying it through your link.
  4. Guest8836
    Create landing pages and sell direct. Instead of advertising on google; you create a landing page for your product or service; then you include that link in your url, when people click on it - they are taken to the landing page which offers a very attractive offer for that target market. Basically bring traffic for free and sell your products.
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