150 things at a sleepover for real fun?

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150 Fun Things To Do At A Sleepover for real fun. i found a website that is about 140 things you want to do before you die. there is also 140 character messages on twitter so i decided to do one up and create 150 things you can do at a sleepover that you will remember for the rest of your life. i'm sure if we all put our heads together we will have real list that anyone can use to brighten their time together.

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  1. Victor Strong

    Play with flashlights

    create a facebook timeline

    teach everyone to use social networks

    watch movies

    do a cookup party

    play videogames

    have a pajama party


  2. Guest8152
    do acting games
    balloon vollyball
    board games/cards
    bake/cook something (cookies/cake?)
    dress ups
    dance and sing
    make a funny video
    laptop (youtube, browse)
    do eachothers nails
    take millions of photos
    pillow fight
    go to a playground or park
    go for a walk around the block
    read mags, and cut them up.
    tell stories
    go to the shops
    get chips and eat them at a park
    sleep in a tent, and spend ages putting it up.
    waterfight (if its hot)
  3. Guest8007

    Try making videos like of you dancing or something or just acting crazy.. and then go outside when its dark and play hide and seek or on a walk...

  4. Guest5466

    I am having a sleepover with my friend and I dont know what kind of activities we should do can you help?

  5. Guest2626

    I am having a sleepover with my friend and I dont know what kind of activities we should do can you help?

  6. Guest6592

    Do whatever you like!

    Just have fun and enjoy yourself!

    I would recomend:

    Watch Horror Movies! Eat! Stay up all night! Chat! Facial Packs! Quiz's! Read Magazines! Blindfolded Makeovers! Make-overs! Sweet Hunt! Play Chrades! Pillow Fight!

    And thats about it from me! xx

    P.S: A sleepover is not complete without a midnight feast! (IT IS A MUST HAVE)

    Lots of love XXXX

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