1994 saturn sL2 has shifting problems kicks down into lower gears at random very hard at times

by Guest7618  |  8 years, 8 month(s) ago

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transmission shift problems kick down in lower gears service engine light on i turn the car off the light goes out and comes back on when it kicks down really hard ive had 3 codes code 19 code 24 and map sensor low its really having some shifting issues and then its fine at times the last 3 times its gotten worse the spedometer quits working and will hardly go forward i turn the key off and then it wouldnt start i jump it and its fine for awhile then all these symptons do it again its gotten more frequent the last 2 weeks 2 times the pcm made a noise after the speedometer stopped working after it kicked down really hard worse then ever and service engine lt came on and it coded out map sensor low

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  1. Guest6991
    Ok I just posted a question about a 1004 Saturn SL2 kicking down into lower gears very hard had one code vehicle speed sensor I replaced the sensor didnt fix the problem did help a little on the performance one week later driving and it kicked down into a lower gear so hard I thought I it was going to damage the tranny I scaned it again this time it said map sensor low I drive its find thought it was fixed sad to say no it didnt fix it Im driving the shifting is much better it starts surging service engine light comes on speedometer stops working half a mile later light goes out speedometer starts working oh and since all this started sometimes it doesnt start I jump it its fine for about 2 weeks one time it did say pcm defective or starter solenoid defective Im getting really confused and one other time scanner had numerous sensors show up when it was scanned Im wondering if the pcm is defective

  2. Guest6062
    THAT WAS A 1994 SATURN SL2 with shifting problems speedometer quits working after a hard kick down into a lower gear service engine lt comes on randomly wont start I jump it starts with no problem then again wont start I jump it its fine again for awhile so far Ive replace the speed sensor the map sensor it did say one time the pcm may be defective or the starter solenoid bad Im really wondering if it isnt the pcm now
  3. Guest7765

    Periods, Commas. Try them some time. This is impossible to read. There are answers to each problem but gosh, separate them so it is readable...

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