2001 town and country blend door motor

by Guest11000  |  11 years ago

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The Manual control for the passenger side of our T&C doesn't change the air temp coming out of the heater its fine for summer, but winter is coming and we're in northern Minnesota.

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  1. Jennifer
    The difficulty will be with the combine doorway which is the flap interior the heater box that adjusts the temp which is unaligned edge to edge. You may be adept to get to the combine door motor by eliminating the glove box to ascertain one edge if the combine doorway (I am not certain if this combine doorway is for the left hand or right hand side) this fix will have to be conveyed out by a competent mechanic and I would suggest a journey to your Chrysler trader to have the vehicle attached to the diagnostic gear (DRB111) and ascertain the problem cipher which should state combine doorway out of range. If this is the case the dash board will have to be removed.

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