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Is it allowed to utilize them for traveling, like fitting so much stuff in one suit case by utilizing space bags? Will it sway the security suit luggage thing where it goes through? Or will it be usual and allowed to travel through it?

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  1. Jennifer

    Space bags, can survive an airplane journey in your checked suit cases or in your carry-on bag. Transportation security agents handle space bags in the identical way as the zip-top plastic bags they resemble. Space bags are subject to size and weight restricts by the specific airlines. Before or after you go through the security, carry-on suit cases may be subject to weighing at the airport. Bags that pass an airline’s size or weight clearance may be subject to a charge at the extra amount or taken by staff and stowed with checked luggage. By weighing and assessing your packed carry-on bag before you depart for the airport, you can bypass additional cost and aggravation.

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