$25 Million Dollar bounty

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I heard from a colleague that Osama bin laden had $25 Million dollar bounty on his head. Is it true? Can someone provide me with more information about it?

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  1. Guest7074

    According to FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists register, a $25 million bounty will be granted to any individual who could give data premier exactly to the apprehension or conviction of Osama receptacle Laden. An added $2 million is furthermore being suggested from the Airline Pilots Association and the Air Transport Association (ATA).

    Today, accounts said that these pays may not be claimed. As described by the Daily Telegraph, it is unclear if or not the $25 million bounty and the added $2 million will be paid to those to blame for murdering receptacle Laden. Harry Edwards, State Department’s spokesperson allegedly said that the government generally does not talk about nominations for awards. He furthermore said that $25 million is the greatest pay and not the minimum. “Given the importance of confidentiality … we can’t comment on whether or not anyone’s been nominated for a reward”, Heide Fulton, a spokeswoman of State Department was quoted saying.

    Meanwhile, Steve Lott, a spokesman for the ATA reportedly said that their organization has not received a formal request for the reward money. Scott Cleere, whose father died during the 9/11 attack said that he would like to see if the six Navy Seals will get the reward. “And I would hope that they do because they do deserve it,” Cleere reportedly said.


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